It is on this path that I have been clearing for several years that I invite you to follow me. It will be lined with surprises, unknowns, sensations, with the sole purpose of exalting all your senses.

This moment will be for me the occasion to propose you a different glance, on the immense diversity of the magnificent products of our region. Shaped by “great committed men and women” – the producers – who have always accompanied me and who put the pure and authentic flavors of our territory at the service of my creations…

Let's be free to thinkLet us be free to vibrate

My Cooking

I feel like a contemporary artist. Beyond the parallel with aesthetic formatting, my cooking defends the idea that all products, even the humblest ones, are just as magnificent and bring as much joy and gustatory happiness.

Each fruit, vegetable, fish, meat…. even the simplest, will have a mission in the composition of my dishes that I want to be inventive and sincere. I cook what my territory offers me, in an ancestral way and I try to bring, through cooking, textures and associations, a resolute modernity.

The seasons naturally set the pace for my inspiration and give me the opportunity to take a breath and enjoy the cycle of nature.

I want a creative cuisine that will be able to tell everything about the products it uses and the men and women who grow and raise them.
A cuisine of audacity and emotion, rooted in the land and at the same time free to explore all possibilities.